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So much to write, so little attention span~

Ao3 Collection Open!

Hello everyone! The collection is now open for posting!

If you have not done the final check-in please do so now! The check-in will be closed early Monday morning. If you need to drop out, please do let us know as well, so we can mark things on our end!
Final HetBang May Mandatory Check-In

The regular posting due date is May 10th-May 27th. Works posted during this time will be revealed on June 1st. If you need to post on Amnesty Day, June 20th, please let us know ahead of time and do not post your work to the collection. If you post between May 10th and May 27th, we will assume you’re ready for your work to be revealed on June 1st, so if you need to post on Amnesty Day, please wait to post on June 20th!

Here are the Posting Instructions. Please reach out to us and let us know if you need any help with this!

If you have any questions or concerns, here is the Page-A-Mod Post. You can also contact the mods at or by messaging LuciferxDamien or JesterLady on the HetBigBang Discord Server.
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