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So much to write, so little attention span~

Last Day for Mandatory Check-In!

Last day to check-in for our first mandatory check-in! If you have not checked in yet, please do so ASAP! If you need to drop out, please do let us know so that we can mark things down on our end, it’s a big help!

The form will be closed early Saturday morning, to give everyone the full day to check-in. Anyone that does not check-in by then will be dropped from HetBang 2019-2020. An email will go out letting participants know that they have been dropped.

If you do not check-in, you will be considered dropped from HetBang 2019-2020, and there could be consequences if you were paired with an author or fanworker through the claiming process! If you need to drop out, please let us know ASAP!

To check-in, please fill out this form right here:
HetBang April Mandatory Check-In

If you have any questions or concerns, here is the Page-A-Mod Post. You can also contact the mods at or by messaging LuciferxDamien or JesterLady on the HetBigBang Discord Server.
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