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Casual Check In #5

We are almost there! Now don't panic if you think you may not get your story done in time, because you will. You got this!! Come tell us where you are in the story and let us help cheer you on to the finish line. On the flip side, let us know if you've completed your story so that we can heap congratulations upon you. Either way, we are all here for you!

You can either copy and paste the questions below and answer them in a comment (all questions or just some!), or simply leave a comment telling us how things are going. (Reminder that this check in is encouraged but not required.) Feel free to reply to your fellow creators and offer them some cheerleading! ;)

What fandom/pairing are you working on?
Are you going for a Big or Little Bang?
How far are you into the story? (Beginning, middle, end, etc)
How many words?
I am feeling…
Anything else:

As always, check out the help comms on LJ (here) or on DW (here) where all kinds of writing-related events are going on where you can share snippets, brainstorm, flail, block write together, and more.
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