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To claim a story you want to do art for, please drop a comment below with:

FIRST CHOICE – Story Number: #
SECOND CHOICE – Story Number: #
Email Address:

Remember: first come, first serve!!

Sign ups for artists as well as this claim post will remain open until all fanfics get claimed! Since this has become a fairly small Bang, reminder that Debut Day will be delayed until every fic has been claimed. So, get all your friends out to come take on some art!

After you have claimed your story, you will receive an email from the mods with your writer's name & info, and the snippets they provided (it may not be immediate, but it should be within 24-48 hours). Authors: you will receive an email with your artist’s information once your fic has been claimed. Artists and authors are not required to chat, but it’s highly encouraged that you work with each other in whatever manner works for both of you. :)

What are the requirements for art?
You can make whatever kind of art you feel like, in whichever medium. Drawing, painting, digital, manips, vids, fanmix, fabric, mixed media, anything you can think of. We just ask that you put some time and genuine effort into it, as our authors have put major effort into their story. You are required to make a minimum of ONE piece of art for the story you claim. MORE IS BETTER. We love more! We want more! But, based on feedback from prior year’s artists, we only have a requirement of one piece of artwork.

Make it nice, put some serious effort into it! :)

(more questions about Art and Claims and stuff? FAQs here or if you need to ask a specific question or see something wrong with this preview, contact the mods on the Page-A-Mod page or shoot traycer_ or red_b_rackham a PM.)

How many can I claim?
For the first round of claims, please only choose ONE story to do. We will shortly open it up to a second round, where you may claim a second and third fic if you so wish. If you’re ambitious and want to do more than three, that’s doable BUT you must complete what you claim. Trying to find back-up artists is a nightmare - please don’t make us do it. ;) And a reminder that no extensions will be granted.

Artists, if you have the time, please consider also signing up to be a pinch hit artist in the event someone has to drop out last minute, and please spread the word so we can have all our hard working authors claimed by hard working artists!!

Want to get in on this art action but forgot to sign up? No problem!! The Artist Interest sign-ups are here and will be open until every fic has been claimed.


Arist Preview - August 20th to 22nd
Artist Claiming of Big Bang Stories Begins - August 22nd
Art and Fics Due - September 26th, 11:59 PM (Midnight) EST (here is a timezone converter)
Debut Date (DD) - October 1st


The following are all listed alphabetically by first fandom (i.e. in an Supernatural/Avengers crossover, it will only be listed under Supernatural).

#1 - claimed by littlestclouds
Fandom: Baseball RPF
Pairing: fem!José Iglesias/James McCann
Story Name: Undecided
Summary: James McCann has everything-- a beautiful fiance and a starting catching job on a major league ball club; but old feelings and flames come to light when he meets the new defensive coach of the Detroit Tigers. Josefina Iglesias is a former Olympic softball gold medalist and an old flame of James's, where the past meets the present.

#2 - claimed by sandy79
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Angelus/Buffy Summers
Story Name: In This Lifetime
Summary: Over a thousand years ago Angelus was cursed to a hell dimension. Once every hundred years he comes to find a mate, he always chooses the slayer. In Buffy he finds his soulmate. She’s the one who can save them both from hell. But that's only part of the story.

#3 - claimed by weaslett
Fandom: Call the Midwife
Pairing: Sister Bernadette (Shelagh)/Patrick Turner
Story Name: For Your Precious Love (this is tentative!!!)
Summary: Suffering a crisis of faith and confidence, Sister Bernadette makes a decision that has permanent consequences for not just her, but Patrick.

#4 - claimed by angelus2hot
Fandom: Eureka
Pairing: Jo Lupo/Zane Donovan
Story Name: How Time Has Changed the Cracks in Our Skin
Summary: Zane finds himself wondering what Jo's relationship with him had been like in an alternate timeline. They decide to use a memory device to share memories from their respective timelines.

Fandom: Fire Emblem Fates
Pairing: Charlotte/Saizo. Background Kagero/Orochi
Story Name: Apply Some Pressure (tentative)
Summary: A superhero AU/My Hero Academia fusion (no knowledge of MHA required, no characters from MHA appear). Charlotte is a professional Hero who runs an agency with her best friend Benny. When he's seriously injured in an explosion during a joint investigation with another agency, Charlotte teams up with the annoying Saizo to go undercover into the group behind the attack, trying to discover who is selling this powerful new explosive on the back market. Along the way, Charlotte and Saizo discover more about each other and develop feelings for each other. Then they have to stop one final attack on the royal family itself.

#6 - claimed by kat_lair
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Luna Lovegood/George Weasley, most canon ships
Story Name: (Tentative) in the dirt designing stars
Summary: When a pack of magical creatures takes residence in Diagon Alley, it throws the street into chaos. When the shopkeepers learn this sudden migration might have something to do with Magical Dead Zones that are popping up all over the world, they decide to take matters into their own hands.

#7 - claimed by angelus2hot
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Ellie Bishop/Nick Torres
Story Name: undecided
Summary: For the last seven years, Ellie's been raising her daughter alone and getting by just fine. For the last seven years, Nick's been raising his daughter alone and getting by just fine. When the two girls become best friends, just fine suddenly threatens to get even better.

#8 - claimed by angelus2hot
Fandom: Original Fic
Pairing: OFC/OMC (Mackenzie/Nick)
Story Name: Savin' Me
Summary: A newly sired vampire barely escapes death when an elder vampire vouches for her. She never wanted to be a vampire. It's not fair to kill her. He is given one month to make her a useful part of the coven. If he fails, Mackenzie will be killed as planned.

#9 - claimed by ladysugarquill
Fandom: Star Wars
Pairing: Padme Amidala/In-Suit Darth Vader
Story Name: Leave My Body
Summary: Set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Sometimes, when things seem the darkest, when all hope seems lost, the Force intervenes. Such is the case with the death and “rebirth” of Padme Amidala.

#10 - claimed by sandy79
Fandom: Supergirl(CW)/Arrow(CW)
Pairing: Oliver Queen/Kara Danvers
Story Name: undecided
Summary: AU. When Kara Danvers rescues her sister’s plane, her actions cause a rift to open between two worlds. Lost and alone, she tries to understand the new, different Earth in which she now finds herself. By random chance, she finds herself working for one Oliver Queen, CEO of Queen Industries. As a relationship develops, they find themselves fighting an unknown and technologically superior foe.

#11 - claimed by knowmefirst
Fandom: Torchwood/MCU
Pairing: Toshiko Sato/James 'Rhodey' Rhodes, with minor Donna Noble/Nick Fury, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Ianto Jones/Bucky Barnes
Story Name: My Sakura
Summary: Torchwood falls; Ianto and Tosh finds a new life working for Tony Stark. Tosh never meant to fall in love with James Rhodes and Rhodey will do everything to prove himself worthy of her even deal with an overprotective brother figure.

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