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2019-2020 Sign-Ups - Author & Fanworker

Author sign-ups close November 1st, 2019!
Fanworker sign-ups close February 15th, 2020!

Hello everyone! Sign ups are now open! Please make sure you have read the following posts!
Het Bang 2019-2020 Rules & FAQs
2019-2020 Schedule

Please provide an email address that you check frequently as all check-ins and important announcements will be emailed. We also need a good email address for author/fanworker match-ups!

After signing up, you will receive an automated email from Google with a copy of your sign up within 24 hours. If you do not receive this email, please let us know! Mods will be sending out a different sign-up confirmation email within 72 hours of signing up, to confirm that we got your sign up. If you do not receive an email from us after 72 hours, please get in contact with us, as we do need a working email!

We will do our best to keep the HetBigBang Discord Server aware of any times that we might be away and responses slow, so it’s a good idea to join up! It’s also a good idea to join and friend this community - all check-ins, reminders, and announcements will come through here, so you'll have to watch us to stay informed!

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Fanworker Sign-UpsCollapse )

If you have any questions or concerns, here is the Page-A-Mod Post. You can also contact the mods at thehetbigbang@gmail.com or by messaging LuciferxDamien or JesterLady on the HetBigBang Discord Server.

2019-2020 Rules & FAQ

Welcome to the Het Big Bang!!

The HetBB is an opportunity for authors and fanworkers to create stories and fanworks, from any fandom, for any het pairing!

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General GuidelinesCollapse )
Author Info/Story Requirements and GuidelinesCollapse )
Fanworker and Fanwork RequirementsCollapse )
Het Bang FAQsCollapse )


2019-2020 Schedule

October 1st: Sign-Ups Open
November 1st: Sign-Ups Close
December 1st: 1st Author Check-In - Non-Mandatory
January 1st: 2nd Author Check-In - Non-Mandatory
February 1st: 3rd Author Check-In - Non-Mandatory
February 1st-5th: Accepting Rough Drafts
February 7th, Friday: Story Summaries Posted for Fanworkers to Peruse
February 8th, Saturday: Story Claiming Opens Noon (Pacific Time/UTC-6)
February 15th: Claiming closes and Matchup emails sent out no later than this date
March 1st: Author AND Fanworkers Check-In - Mandatory
April 1st: Author AND Fanworkers Check-In - Mandatory
April 12th-27th: Stories Due
May 1st: Stories revealed!
May 16th: Amnesty Posting Date
May 1-31st: Weekly Round Up of Stories and Fanworks
June 1st: HetBang Officially Closed!!!


Page-A-Mod 2019-2020

Do you have a question or a concern that is not covered in the Guidelines/FAQ Post? Leave your question here and a mod will get back to you ASAP! You can also contact the mods via email, thehetbigbang@gmail.com, or by messaging LuciferxDamien or JesterLady on the HetBang Discord server.

Tumblr is not the quickest way to get in touch with the mods, as that account is not checked as frequently. If your matter is urgent, Discord or email are the quickest way to receive a response!


HetBang 2019-2020 Announcements

We thank everyone that left us feedback in the survey, it’s been super helpful in letting us know what the community wants from this Bang challenge! We’re almost ready to post the updated rules and schedule! Here are some notable changes for this year:

The writing period will be longer. Originally, we were looking at story reveals being in April, but that put story claims in January. That seemed too chaotic with the holidays, so the reveal date will be in May now, giving everyone a whole month longer to write!

There will be an amnesty posting date. This will be one last chance to post your works for the current Bang!

Sign-ups will be run through Google Forms. This keeps information in one place for us mods to easily look through. It also means you don’t need to post your email in a public space!

Joining the comm is not necessary. It’s no longer necessary to join the comm in order to participate! We have participants coming from different platforms, who may not want to make a DreamWidth or LiveJournal account. All important announcements will be emailed out to all participants, so please sign-up with an email address you check frequently!

Unposted WIPs are allowed, no matter when they were started. If you have an unposted WIP with a het pairing you’ve been writing for, say, 10 years, and you want to use the Het Bang as motivation to finish it, great! Please do! WIPs that are posted are not eligible for the Bang.

Posting guidelines have been removed from the Rules/FAQ posts. The posting guidelines will get their own updated post in April. Ao3 has changed a lot since the original guidelines were written, and Tinypic has shut down, so the current screenshots are no longer available and we want to give everyone more accurate information for posting.

Beta readers and cheerleaders no longer need to sign-up. If you’re looking to offer beta reading services, or be a cheerleader, we’ve got our HetBang Discord server where a channel is set up just for offering these services. There is also the het_banghelp comm, where a post will be set up just for offering these services as well!

The Little Bang is now eligible to receive a fanwork through the comm, though an accompanying fanwork is not guaranteed. There were some requests for the Little Bang to be eligible for the story claiming process, after all Big Bang stories have been claimed. This means that Little Bang works may not receive an accompanying fanwork. Big Bang stories are guaranteed to get an accompanying fanwork, if the author wishes.

Rough drafts will be implemented this year for the story claiming process. The survey showed that twice as many people preferred to send in a rough draft vs. snippets. Please read the below information on rough draft submissions.

How Rough Drafts Will Work

Rough drafts will only be submitted to the mods, to verify the length is at a certain percentage. The percentage needed to turn in a rough draft will be finalized once we have a schedule put together. For this example, we will use 80% for the percentage needed to turn in a rough draft, with an idea of the ending in mind. This means that at least 16k needs to be written before submitting a rough draft for an accompanying fanwork. This does not have to be polished writing!

Mods will only check this document for length and to make sure it's not placeholder text, such as lorem ipsum. After story claims take place, authors will be responsible for sending their rough draft to their fanworker. (Authors are encouraged to keep writing during the submission and claiming process, since there is a week or more gap!) Authors and fanworkers should then discuss if the fanworker wants the rough draft, or snippets, or some combination. Remember to work as a team and discuss things with each other! This does not mean it needs to be an entirely collaborative event if that's not what you want, just keep in contact with each other and be open to new ideas!

Fanworkers will get about 2 months to complete their fanwork(s). Authors will get about 2 months to finish writing and polish their story or stories!

If you have any questions or concerns, here is the Page-A Mod Post. You can also contact the mods via email, thehetbigbang@gmail.com, or by messaging LuciferxDamien or JesterLady on the HetBang Discord server.


Survey last chance

Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for participating in the survey, it's so amazing to see that you all want this to continue just as much as we do!

We're going to stop taking answers for the survey tomorrow so today's the day if you haven't answered it yet!

Survey link

This week we're going to put our heads together and get the official schedule and updated info for you together and post it asap so everyone is fully informed and ready to go as of October 1st when sign ups start.

Also, a reminder if you haven't come over and introduced yourself on the Discord server, you should! We're friendly and it's a great way to get to know everyone and discuss all those wonderful plot ideas we've got swimming around in our heads!

HetBigBang Server

Talk to you guys, soon!


Survey announcement

Hey everyone!

We’re sorry for the silence, but we’ve been hard at work getting things together! However, before we can post any updates or schedule, we need to get some feedback from the community!

HetBigBang Community Survey

Here are the things we mods have been talking about changing:

Snippets vs Rough Drafts for Artists:

For authors, what this means is you would send in a rough draft, and, yes, it can be very rough, during the submission process. For artists, this means you get to read the entire rough draft and choose what you want to create for the story! Communication between authors and artists is still very important! Full details on what submitting rough drafts would entail will be provided before sign-ups take place.

HetBang has run on a 3 month schedule and we’re wanting to know if this works for you guys, or if something else would be better, such as 4 months or 5 months! Sign-ups will be opening October 1st no matter the length of the Bang that is chosen!

With a longer running Bang, authors would have a longer writing period, and artists would get more time to work on their creations! Let us know what would work best for you!

We’ve also got a Discord server for the Bang up and running, if you’re interested in that and we can talk more about that as we go along!

HetBigBang Server

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re here to help and make this community the best it can be! Anon comments are turned on for this post, or you can shoot us an email at thehetbigbang@gmail.com! We look forward to working with you soon!



We have exciting news today, guys: a group of most excellent and lovely people have volunteered to take over the running of the Het Big Bang challenge and communities!! Please give a warm welcome to luciferxdamien, jesterlady, gwenhwyfar1984, and backrose_17!!

They will be taking over from here, and likely will be running a new round of HBB in the fall, so keep your eyes peeled for any posts from them in the coming weeks and months.

Have fun you guys!! *bows*


HBB 2019 & Beyond

Hello everybody!! *hugs*

Since we normally get up and running in April, I'm sure most of you have been wondering what is going on with this challenge this year. traycer_ and I have been talking, and it's with sad hearts that we have decided not to run Het Big Bang this year. We are both under a lot of stress trying to achieve degrees, and for my part, I felt I dropped the ball a lot on you guys last year while trying to unsuccessfully juggle everything, and secondarily stressing myself out further, and I simply can't manage it another year. :(


We have a couple options...

  1. We don't run the Bang this year, then revisit the possibility of going again next year, but that is iffy given we both still have a few more years to complete our degrees.

  2. We don't run it this year, but Traycer has offered the possibility of helping another mod run things in a limited capacity in future.

  3. If anyone feels up to stepping forward (with two or three partners, even!), we can hand you the keys to the kingdom, and you are free to run the Bang as you wish, whenever (this summer? Winter? Next spring? Up to you!). If anyone is willing, please comment below or PM us. :)

We love, love, love this challenge, my pals, and we did not come to this decision lightly, but at this time, Trayer and I simply can't run it anymore. We want to thank each and every one of you for making this Bang so great year after year - the way you encourage each other and find writing buddies in the side community is brilliant to see!! - and for all of your hard work making fabulous creations for this Bang to share with everyone. We could not have done it without you. <3 Whether the Bang continues or not, it has been a blast. You guys are wonderful and we love you, and we're sorry to have to come to this decision.

It has been a pleasure being your mods, and we hope this Bang can run again sometime in some form. :)


Red & Traycer



IT'S DEBUT DAY! \o/ Though I am still waiting on a few outstanding items from a couple people, I decided to go ahead and reveal the collection so we can start celebrating the hard work everybody did for this Bang. A HUGE thank you to the artists and authors who created amazing works! A massive thank you to inabsentialuci and gwenhwyfar1984 for running the help communities during this bang. CONGRATS TO THE FINISHERS!!

Go check out the collection of goodies - leave your fellow authors and artists feedback!

We will be posting a full masterlist soon, and shortly after that, our Random Stories of the Day will start up. Thanks for participating, guys! :D