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06 May 2012 @ 11:24 am
What should I write? Help for cutebunny43!  
The following are plot bunnies that cutebunny43 has put up for voting.

Fandoms: Nikita, Xena: Warrior Princess, Power Rangers, Camelot, 90210

Author(s) Name: cutebunny43

1. Fandom/Pairing: Nikita; Michael/Alex, Owen/Nikita
Description of plotbunny: They all thought Division was their worst enemy, they were wrong. Now the zombies roam the streets, and Division is the least of their concerns.

2. Fandom/Pairing: Xena: Warrior Princess; Ares/Gabrielle, Hercules/Xena, Iolaus/Joxer
Description of plotbunny: Sequel to a little bit of history repeating, with missing moments. The aftermath of Ares and Gabrielle's sacrifice, and the people they care about dealing with it. Turns out, Ares and Gabrielle aren't quite gone.

3. Fandom/Pairing: Power Rangers Jungle Fury; RJ/Fran, Casey/Lily/Theo
Description of plotbunny: The battle against Dai Shi is getting tougher and tougher, even with five Rangers. RJ's getting desperate, Fran volunteers, but does he really want to put her in danger?

4. Fandom/Pairing: Camelot; Merlin/Morgan
Description of plotbunny: Morgan's lost her name, her castle, her rights and her crown, but they can never take her child from her. She'll get everything back and then some, but she never expects Merlin to step back into the picture.

5. Fandom/Pairing: 90210; Ryan/Silver
Description of plotbunny: AU setting wherein everybody is a spy. Ryan and Silver are tired of their lives, the rules, the killing, the reports, all they want is to be together. And then they stumble onto something they shouldn't have, their only option is to run.

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